Blur Effect


Blur effects look so awesome. The way it looks is crazy because of how beautiful it looks. It kinda makes me feel a certain kind of way. Just look at how amazing it looks. Something like this is bound to impress people.It also makes me think of rain drops touching my eyes.


MmoRpg Awesomeness!


One of the coolest and craziest kinds of games out there. Mmorpg games are really epic because there are tons and tons of players playing them. The graphics on them are great and the way they are played are great.They consist of lots and lots of players playing and different character classes you can play. MMORpg stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. At least close to that. Still in the end, games like this are awesome.

VideoGame Tournaments

Videogame tournaments are my favorite kind of tournaments to watch. They are just very exciting and very unpredictable. By unpredictable, I mean that when there is a team that looks like their losing bad, they can always mount a comeback. The outcomes of matches are usually unpredictable which makes the games fun to watch. It also motivates you as a player to get better at the game and learn new things from the so called pro’s. Overall, videogame tournaments are amazing to watch.

Awesome Car Design

Just look at how beautiful that is. If you thought that art was only on paintings, you were wrong. Just look at how nice this car looks with the crazy painting on it. It looks really nice and makes me want to paint a car as well. All I know is that if I grew up and got a car, I would love some crazy rad painting on it!

The Good Times

This right here was the game I was growing up with. It’s crazy to think how we have evolved from those games from back then to today. Every time a new Mario Bros comes out, it has a crazy graphic change but has the same gameplay mechanic. It’s still pretty cool nevertheless. Once a Mario fan, always a Mario fan is what I like to say!

Graffiti Art

Graffiti is a pretty cool kind of art style that caught my mind when I first saw some of them in a Subway tunnel. It looks cool because of how the colors are all put together and how words are imprinted onto them. Graffiti is cool and all, but it is also a crime when you graffiti places that do not allow them. Places like bathrooms, houses, and more. One does wonder how the heck can someone do something like that with just a spraying can. That is a pretty unique skill.

3D Epicness!

The way this picture looks makes me really want to do 3D art. The coloring and how it fades is just so epic. If people wanted to know what 3D pictures look like, I would show them this. Just look at how the colors of light form the wolf. It’s just too fabulous. I wonder how the world would look like in 3D. It’s just a little thought. Imagine people walking around looking like that with colors around them. It’s pretty crazy but also pretty cool.

A True Gamer

This is by far my most favorite quote. It just sounds really inspiring to me. Satoru Iwata was an awesome man and contributed many great things to Nintendo. He is someone I look up to and always will be the person who will keep me motivated. The quote is strong to me because I want to be a game developer as well. I will think the same way Iwata was thinking. I will say “Although I am a game creator, I see myself as a gamer more.” RIP Iwata.

Game Language?

C++ is very confusing to me. It seems pretty complicated to me but it’s something i’m going to need to know. This is required for game developing so I am going to need to know it. It’s needed to make games because game developers use it as their language. I look forward to learning more about this one day and will surely master it perfectly! I am looking forward for it!

Frame Data

This is something that always made me wonder how game creators pull this off. Frame data always confused every time someone brought it up in fighting game. For example, someone would say like on frame 3 u can do this and on frame 5 u shouldn’t do this move. It confuses me but it is very interesting. It’s pretty cool that people in fighting games actually sit down and take notes while they are playing and analyze the frame data of the game. I wonder if the game creators knew that players were going to do this. In the end, it is still pretty cool that people do this!